Issue 03

December 2008

The third issue of Roll Zine profiled Bay Area rollerbladers Dave Tran (Oakland) and John Stevenson (San Francisco). It also included a feature about Ohio roots with Brandon Ballog, Brent Hopkins, and Travis Rhodes. Lastly a mini view on bladie Aarin Gates (San Diego). This issue included the first reader submissions of content which would continue with future issues.

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Roll Zine was started in 2007 as a thesis project to document the subculture of rollerblading. As my design career took me to the Bay Area —the project grew into a running series of zines produced at regular intervals until 2012. Due to expanding career responsibilites as a designer, and an increased focus my own skating, the project was put on hiatus. This site serves as the new online archive for all of issues of Roll Zine.

Each issue is available for download in pdf in the above pages.

Brandon Ballog